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Dechavel Watches partners with the Mauritius Restaurant Awards 2021


The National Restaurant Academy is pleased to announce an official watch partnership with Dechavel Watches for the Mauritius Restaurant Awards!

DeChavel Watches was launched in Switzerland with a heritage of providing timepieces for Royals and exclusive clients around the world. They are an exclusive brand with only a few owners dotted around the world and a waiting list that was extended to 18 months in 1982!

Dechavel Watches have also acquired naming rights to Best Chef, whose nominees are
Chef Nizam Peroo
Kobashni Pillay
Kritesh Halkory
Ayushi aka Chef Yu
Sandy Daswani
Chef Majo

 All winners will be announced on the 27th of March at the prestigious Mauritius Restaurant Awards

For more information, go to: www.dechavel.com

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